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Original Oil Painting by Libby Berry

"The New Renaissance Academy is where I learned the basics of oil painting. With that knowledge, I have experimented and grown as an artist. Libby Berry, the founder of the Academy, was an absolute master of visual perception and how it pertains to art. With the instruction she gave her students, many have achieved success in their artistic pursuits. The New Renaissance Academy offered knowledge that was discovered during the time of the Renaissance and kept secret. Only a handful of artists since have used these techniques... Rembrandt, Bierstadt, The Hudson River School artists and a few others. Once you have learned these secrets that the old masters held so dear, you too will have the ability to create magnificent paintings. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone that has ever considered painting, or has ever wondered how the old masters painted so beautifully. Whether you have been an artist all of your life or have never picked up a brush, it will open your eyes."

Abraxas Hudson, 1993 Graduate of the New Renaissance Academy

Dear friend and Founder of the New Renaissance Academy Libby Berry graced our lives and planet from February 18, 1943 until November 18, 2016. The New Renaissance Academy is currently being re-structured since Libby Berry's passing. Anyone interested in learning her techniques can attend classes at the Abraxas Studio of Art in Lewes, Delaware. Her vast knowledge and beautiful spirit continue to enrich us all.