Camping and painting in Yellowstone!

The magnificence of Yellowstone cannot be over estimated! After painting, camping, and exploring, for five days I understand why this place was protected as the world's first national park.I have set my easel at Artist Point over-looking the lower falls of the Yellowstone River (below is a photo of my setup). Yellowstone Canyon is a scene of breathtaking beauty, I am painting the river as it cascades down 308 feet to a rainbow lit mist. The canyon is alive with color - yellow and red rocks accented with vibrant green vegetation growing from the craggy cliff walls! This painting will take weeks to complete, but I have laid out the basic shadow and light areas. Photos can be valuable for detail reference, but sketching out tonal values while on location allows the artist the chance to accurately capture the essence of a place, even if the painting is completed in the studio.

Many thanks to all who have called to check on my well being! Doing great out here in the wild, the air is clean and the wildlife is abundant, I had the good fortune to stumble upon two male elk in an antler locked fight for dominance (sixty feet from me)!


And here I am painting, my thanks to Nancy Housel for e-mailing this shot!